Bam's Earthquake has changed people at least for the time being. Every one wants to help the quake-sticken people. Especially, here in Sabzevar, people are very sympathetic. One of the causes are the chain of earthquakes that happened here about one month ago. Though there were no losses, but they frightened much of the people badly.
I wish we could help each other all the times, not only in these times. Especially, the medical community must be sympathetic towards the deprived people. Sort of professionalism!


Disastrous Earthquake in Bam
I have not yet recovered from the shock of the destructive earthquake that demolished the city of Bam in the morning of 2003-12-26, killing tens of thousands of people. The situation is very grave, there are a lot of casualties. People are sad in Iran and still, they know that not so much can be done to compensate this big loss. There are qeues of people waiting to donate their blood or to donate relief goods for earthquake-stricken people of Bam.
When in the future will we be able to prevent these great losses at least to some degree?!


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