James Gosling's Weblog

James Gosling is the man who has invented Java. You can read his weblog here.


Alpha Release of J2SE 1.5

An alpha release of the Tiger project (J2SE 1.5) has been made available by Sun. Developers who are willing to evaluate this release must first become a member of JavaLobby. Please visit this link:


Please note that this is not a final release, so it may have some errors. Also, you must not discuss it publicly, and must not post the Sun links to the web. Only the above link can be handed to friends!


Layout Change
Today I made some changes to the templete for this weblog. I hope this will be better, especially because I have added some links to the links column.

امروز مقداري تغييرات در وبلاگ اعمال كردم و چند پيوند هم اضافه كردم. اميدوارم نتيجه‌ي كار از قبل بهتر باشد.